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Panel 4: Post-Pandemic experiences and lessons learned from Core & Affiliated IEEE Smart Cities

Aawatif Hayar, Victor M. Larios, Aaron Deacon, Andrea Molinari, Xiaojun Wu, Nélio Cacho, and Rosaldo Rossetti

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    Length: 30:00
10 Sep 2021

At the IEEE Smart Cities Community, since 2013 started the selection of five core cities to represent different regions in the world with different sizes of population, weather, economic development, and environmental challenges. The IEEE core cities have in common its robust ecosystem of industry, academia, government, and IEEE volunteers to converge to Smart Cities.
Since 2017, the figure of Affiliated cities started as a new way to connect using the Core cities as Hubs for a broader exchange of experiences and best practices for the IEEE Smart Cities Community. In this panel, we present how IEEE Core and Affiliated Cities face the new reality after the pandemic worldwide. Moreover, we are looking for the lessons learned and how the original smart cities roadmaps are adapted. As a result, mobility, economics, environment, security, and city infrastructure have adaptations and improvements, and this panel looks at how these changes create experiences in their achievement process. Hence, every city will be presenting its experiences, and a discussion will take place to understand the best practices in cities for the post-pandemic Smart Cities.

Since the main topic of the conference is related to post-pandemic vision and challenges, we will present and discuss the following questions, but not limited are:

How has the talent demand changed in your city in post-pandemic times?
New skills required for your city ecosystem and how you deal with your educational institutions?
What are your government’s investments in your city and technology to deal with the new normal?
What are the lessons learned in your Smart City Ecosystem before and after the pandemic?
Does your Smart City have new goals to deal with social, economic, and environmental strategies in the post-pandemic time?
How are the different industry sectors in your city adapting to technology to deal with the post-pandemic times?
How mobility in your city has been affected, and is adapting on post-pandemic? (Includes public transport development, delivery services, etc.)
How is the economic resiliency developed in your city? (Using more contactless solutions for payment, more businesses into digital transformation, new market places, etc.)

Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Cities Conferences

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