Slides for: Smart Lighting for Smarter Sustainable Cities

23 Feb 2021
Georges Zissis
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Artificial light absorbs 16,5% of the world’s electricity annual production. Today, we are witnessing a transition from the conventional “analogue” lighting technologies towards “digital” lighting. Smart lighting will become the backbone for smart cities and homes. Smart lighting concept leads towards the heart of the “Internet of Things”. Further, to serve society as effectively as we could, Industry has coined a new term “human-centric lighting” (HCL) to direct its primary efforts in meeting human needs. The objective is switching to smart human-centric lighting driven by both “efficiency” and “quality of light”. Next-generation lighting systems should provide the “Right Light” with the best efficiency and quality, when and where it is needed. This webinar will highlight all the above-mentioned issues and will focus on the future of the lighting systems and their contributions to the sustainable development of smart cities.