Slides for: Everything You Wanted to Know about Smart Healthcare

25 May 2021
Saraju P. Mohanty
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Pages: 70
Smart healthcare built using Internet-Medical-Things (IoMT) is a key component in smart cities which can provide better medical facilities to the users. Smart healthcare provides many advantages which are called 7Ps including personalized care and participatory care. Smart healthcare is further evolving with the help of healthcare Cyber-Physical System (H-CPS) that integrates IoMT, electronic health record (EHR), and machine learning (ML). H-CPS consists of various components including sensors, electronics, wearables, implantables, EHR, ML analytics, and software. This talk will present detailed insight of IoMT based smart healthcare built as a H-CPS. The talk will address many questions about IoMT/H-CPS based smart healthcare including: (1) What is IoMT? (2) What is H-CPS? (3) What are the components of H-CPS? (4) What are the challenges of design and operation of H-CPS? (5) What are the security, privacy issues in smart healthcare? (6) Is edge computing or cloud computing better for smart healthcare?