Slides for: State-of-the-art: Fuel Cell Vehicular Power Train

15 Jun 2021
Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban
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Pages: 34
Power electronics play key role in integrating the renewable energy system and to transfer technology to smart microgrid and electric vehicle technologies for future demand and 100% transportation CO2 emission free system. Electric vehicles have different configuration and particular to HEV (Hybrid) and Plug-in EV are the state-of-the art for future establishment to integrate batteries and fuel cell as high-power train modules. Power electronics converter holds class of 80% efficiency and fuel cell by 60%. Microgrids play critical role in developing the DC based fast charging station for future and power electronics converter are the primary sources to push the maximum current and keep batteries for long durability and reliable operation. This presentation will summarize EV structures, batteries adapted in real time and power electronics converter from research unit development carried out. Few experimental models will be discussed to show the state of the class power converter design and developments for applications.