Slides for: Higher Education Model for Smart Cities

29 Jun 2021
Deepak Waikar
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Smart cities have been planned by many nations as an integrated part of the globalized world which has been rapidly changing the dynamics of the education system. Would it, then, be sufficient to restructure the curriculum & tinker with the delivery mechanism? OR would it be prudent to holistically reinvent & transform the current education system in line with the aspirations of the stakeholders? What macro and micro level changes would be required in the current education system if it were to be redesigned for smart cities of the modern globalized world? In view of such developments, SMART Synergistic education model was conceptualized to catalyze that transformation. The SMART attributes of the proposed model are discussed in this presentation. The proposed SMART attributes are substantially different from commonly used SMART term in management literature. An idealism of globalized mindset, & localized lifestyles has also been artistically interwoven in the proposed SMART model.