Slides for: Synergizing Clean Energy and Green Transportation

20 Jul 2021
Deepak Waikar
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Sustainable development of cities and towns is expected to be considerably dependent on the use of clean energy and green transportation system with objectives for reducing pollution, minimizing congestion, improving efficiency, reliability, and quality. Innovations in energy conservation, energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy technologies along with smart grid, micro grid, smart meters, and the use of artificial intelligence have been reported worldwide. Autonomous electric vehicles and zero-emission green vehicles have started making inroads in metro and megacities. Therefore, synergizing innovations in clean energy and green transportation technology have a crucial role in transforming the sustainable connectivity of the future. Such synergy can substantially improve air quality, environment, connectivity, and efficiency. This presentation highlights innovations in clean energy and green transportation technologies, policies, and practices for such transformation. Current trends, potential research & development projects, technology policy and governance issues which various stakeholders can collaborate on and how youths can be engaged in inspiring and enriching such programmes will, also, be discussed.