Slides for: Maturity Model of Smart and Sustainable City

01 Feb 2022
Clarissa Loureiro
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A new maturity model of smart cities was developed. The model is based on the ITU model, adapted and expanded. Several indicators are in line with the Millennium Development Goals. Thematic areas such as water resources, energy, basic sanitation, waste management, mobility, safety, health can be improved with innovation and technology as a tool. The Model is an initiative for each public manager in every of the spheres of government, through the diagnosis of the level of maturity, to know the guidelines and recommendations in actions for sustainable development, digital transformation, and public management for every municipality. The model has already been approved by the ITU. The ICTs implemented in smart cities for digital transformation contribute to improve people's living conditions, digital inclusion and literacy, ensuring access and knowledge with equity, in the Maturity Model. This model can be applied in south global countries, or other countries in the future. To understand how to improve the smart cities, it is extremely necessary to know the countries and their cities well to understand the need for the development of new technologies as a tool. Data from Brazil, which is an emerging country, were included and analyzed as a case study, in order to improve the model.