Slides for: Coral Gables Smart Districts Cyber-Physical Infrastructure

17 Jan 2023
Raimundo Rodulfo
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Coral Gables in Florida has implemented robust and resilient smart city technology infrastructures and engineering frameworks throughout multiple innovative districts that provide hyper-connectivity, visibility, control and automation of city services. This infrastructure fosters quality of life improvements in Public Safety, mobility, energy efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility of digital services, supported by a robust foundation of resilient high-speed communications/broadband --built on IEEE engineering standards and other industry frameworks and best practices for security, fault-tolerance and automated failovers during hurricanes and other disasters. This digital reality fabric includes fiber optics corridors, wireless networks, public Wi-Fi, satellite communications, a complex layer of cyber-physical systems and IoT sensors (smart lights and smart lighting controllers, CCTV, ALPR, traffic and environmental sensors, and first-of-its-kind smart city AI-powered modular integrated poles), distributed clouds, AI and machine learning-powered predictive data analytics, a smart city hub digital twin and real-time urban analytics IoT-AI public platform for citizens, first responders, traffic engineers, academic researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs. These infrastructures are currently being expanded to other smart/innovative districts in the South and North areas of the city and are being enhanced with additional capabilities such as interoperability with blockchain and mixed reality platforms.