Blockchain for Project Managers for Smart Cities

21 Feb 2019
Ignacio Varese and Gustavo Giannattasio
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Time: 01:04:40
Blockchain is one of the new disrupting technologies nowadays. Blockchain started with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is digital money that is transmitted through Internet without intermediaries and is based in cryptography. Blockchain is the technology that allow peer to peer transactions without intermediaries, a distributed network to transmit value. The technology behind Bitcoin is Blockchain, and Blockchain is more than Bitcoin, Blockchain is business solution. We have many uses cases that use Blockchain solutions in Organizations in all industries. Blockchain came to stay, and we have to stay updated. Project managers have lots of opportunities, many Blockchain projects are coming and they have to know how its work. In the webinar we are going to do an introduction of blockchain, explaining why Blockchain is a revolution, I will show some uses cases and project managers opportunities, challenges and risk that they have.