The Important Player for Smart Cities: Mobility and its Systems

02 Apr 2019
Jianbu Lu
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Time: 00:58:04
Smart Cities focus on creating better quality life for citizens by coping with urban problems such as traffic, pollution, energy consumption, water treatment, etc., and implementing the smart solutions. Smart Mobility is an inevitable contributor to Smart Cities, because of not only its relationship with traffic, but also its impact on several other dimensions of Smart Cities. Smart Mobility aims to provide intelligent means to move people and goods inter- or intra-cities. It intends to achieve the ultimate goal of zero fatality, zero injury, zero emission, zero carbon footprint, zero traffic congestion, and zero unnecessary energy waste. In this talk, we focus on some of the trends and examples on how to use technologies such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, transportation as a service to advance Smart Mobility, hence, to advance Smart Cities