Mobility As a Service

03 Dec 2019
Tim McGuckin
Smart City Planning & Technology Standard Series
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Time: 00:57:10
This webinar is about Mobility as a Service (MaaS). MaaS is a reimagining of personal mobility from the ground up. While the potential is almost unlimited, how key public and private actors and stakeholder see, describe and practice MaaS will impact both how it will manifest and its ultimate success. Tilt too much toward one interest group and the structure topples over. In this webinar you will learn: what is MaaS in the view of MaaS America, a group founded to advance a North American notion of Mobility as a Service; what are current EU and NA perspectives on MaaS; whatÕs the current deployment of MaaS look like; what may future implementations look like, and; the concept of MaaS as a Utility. The idea is that the business model should not be the focus Ð successful MaaS will be based on a common framework shaped by key principles, and on this framework you can hang any number of business models.