Implementing the Smart Port Concept

13 Jul 2021
John Prousalidis
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Time: 01:00:51
In view of decarbonization after the directives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), green shipping technologies comprise a fairly great number of measures, some of which are strongly related to electric power engineering. Based on the fact that electricity in inland premises is generated via environmentally friendly methods, extensive electrification of both ports and ships integrating the concept of smart micro grids is the key towards a sustainably green maritime sector. This holistic approach comprises a number of measures covered in the tutorial such as ship-to-shore interconnection (‘cold ironing’), deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), installation of Energy Storage Systems for energy buffering and peak demand shaving, exploitation of smart lighting technology not only for illumination but also for communication, smart energy management of reefer power supply and cranes with regenerative braking. All energy related activities are supervised and controlled by a sophisticated Energy Management System. Last but not least, the interrelated risen challenges and concerns in the electrical engineering field are outlined.