Modeling Emerging Urban Mobility Services

16 Nov 2021
Constantinos Antoniou
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Time: 00:57:17
Emerging mobility services are abruptly introduced in cities throughout the world, often with no prior planning, with poor understanding and no or little evaluation. A number of open questions thus remain. While larger cities may have the resources and in-house expertise to develop suitable models, for the majority of small and medium cities, the option to move away from the traditional strategic four-step modeling approach is not necessarily an immediate option. Therefore, there is a need for an intermediate modelling approach, which can be integrated into the existing models. In this webinar, such an intermediate modeling approach is presented. Participants will (i) learn how such a modeling approach can be developed and (ii) experience a number of practical case studies demonstrating components of this approach. As a result, insights from the overall approach and the individual components will be obtained.