Virtualization in Smart City Critical Energy Infrastructure

15 Nov 2022
Moein Manbachi
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Time: 01:00:00
The recent pandemic has revolutionized the way we work and how we access our infrastructure remotely. There has been a recent trend among industrial companies and city managers to adopt novel strategies to ensure the reliability, safety and security of their critical energy infrastructure in this new environment. Virtualization technologies have been suggested by many experts as a way to support these strategies. Digital twinning, combined with other smart city technologies and systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will allow smart city critical energy infrastructures to be more visible, flexible, and resilient.
This webinar focuses on virtualization technologies, their applications, their advantages and disadvantages, and the role such technologies can play in supporting smart city energy infrastructures, such as smart microgrids, substations, and energy hubs. Following are the learning objectives for this webinar:
- Understanding how advanced virtualization technologies can be utilized
- Learning how proper virtualization topology can be designed
- Learning how control/command layer(s) can be migrated into the cloud.
- Investigating the latest virtualization challenges and integration issues
As a result of this webinar, attendees will learn about recent advancements in virtualization technologies for critical energy infrastructure in smart cities.