Introduction to the ISO/IEC 5087 Series of City Data Standards

21 Feb 2023
Mark Fox
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Time: 01:00:00
This presentation will review the portfolio of ontology-based standards for city data being development by ISO/IEC JTC1 Working Group 11 on Smart Cities. ISO/IEC 21972:2020 specifies an ontology for the representation of the definition of city indicators, and their publishing by cities. ISO/IEC 5087 : "Information technology City data model" is a multi- part standard where part 1 focuses on foundational ontologies for city data, such as time, location, and activity. Part 2 focuses on ontologies for city data whose content are both created and consumed by multiple city services, such as resident and household. Part 3 focuses on a particular city service, in this case Transportation Planning, where the content is created by that service, and consumed by multiple other services, such as vehicle and route. Subsequent parts to 5087 will focus on other city services such as public health, Water, Solid waste, education, public safety, etc. The presentation will include a short introduction to ontologies, and an example of how these standards are being applied in the City of Toronto.