Resiliency Strategies in a challenging world

12 May 2020
Gordon Feller
Smart City Planning & Technology Standard Series
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Time: 00:62:18
This webinar explores how smart cities and its associated innovations can be leveraged to respond to and recover from crises, including pandemics.

Among the key learning objectives of this webinar:

* Learn about the smart city ecosystem framework. Understand smart city outcomes, smart city value creators, and the components of this ecosystem.
* Learn about the smart city-public health emergency response and collaboration framework. Understand the key capabilities needed by cities to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Understand the areas of collaboration where smart cities technologies can augment these capabilities to respond to crises, including COVID-19.
* Understand the role of advanced technologies, including the use of IoT in responding to crises and events (e.g., pandemics). Understand IoT technology infrastructure gaps and opportunities.
* Learn about the current US Federal GovernmentÕs (NIST) study, focused on identifying the future of IoT.
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