July - General Issue

01 Jul 2021
Nasir Saeed, Christos Tjortjis, Aristeidis Mystakidis, Nikolaos Stasinos, Anestis Kousis, Vangelis Sarlis, Paraskevas Koukaras, Dimitris Rousidis, and Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Euclides Chuma, Dániel Dr. Tokody, Dalibor Dobrilovic, Francesco Flammini, and Andrea Gaglione, Richard Fioravanti
Video Length / Slide Count:
32 pages
This is a general issue on Smart Cities featuring "AI for Good: CNN for COVID-19 Detection, Diagnosis, and Personalized Treatment," "Predicting Covid-19 ICU needs using Deep Learning, XGBoost and Random Forest Regression with the Sliding Window technique," "Photonics Fiber-Sensing to monitoring Smart Cities," "Open-Source Hardware Performance in Edge Computing," and "Using Traffic Patterns in Smart Cities to Optimize Vehicle Charging"