November : Data Analytics for Smart Cities

01 Nov 2022
Qi Hong Lai, Viktoriya Mostova, Alfredo Vaccaro, Ren-Zuo Wang, Chih-Shian Chen, Chih-Yih Hsieh, Chia-Chan Hsu, Fu-Yao Ko, Jui-Mien Lin, Zhebin Chen, Zhao Yang Dong, Yishen Wang, Xiao Liang, Fei Zhou
Video Length / Slide Count:
26 pages
This is the first issue on Data Analytics for Smart Cities featuring a foreword by Qi Hong Lai, "The Role of Wireless Sensor Networks for Pervasive Smart Grids Communication", "Application of 5D SmartES Platform in Smart City", "Anticipation of Web 3.0 for Future Smart Energy Systems" and "Computing and Analytics for Demand-Side Resources in Smart Cities".